Stone Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine (DIPS9-3040)

Stone Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine (DIPS9-3040)

Model No.︰DIPS9-3040

Brand Name︰Dardi

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Stone Cutting Machine, Waterjet Cutting Machine(DIPS9-3040)

380Mpa UHP system: The pressure is high, the cutting ability strong, cutting surface quality is good, cutting speed, especially for thickness in above 30mm hard material cutting (such as steel, aluminum, copper and other metal and stone, ceramic, etc. ), as well as to cut the surface quality and the cutting speed is taught in high demand occasion. Sizes: DIPS9-3040, DIPS9 - with, DIPS7 - with, DIPS9D - 5540 etc.

Waterjet cutting system---UHP System Dardi (Model: DIPS9-3040)

Intensifier Qty.: 1

Max. Pressure: 300MPa/40000psi

                                               UHP System
Model DIPS6-2230 DIPS9-3040 DIPS9-6040 DIPS9-7540 DIPS7-3740
Drive system
Drive system Motor
Pressure system
Pressure system Intensifier
Intensifier Qty. 1 1 2 3 1
Specification Date
Max.pressure 300MPa/40000psi 380MPa/55000psi 400MPa/60000psi
Max.Flow rate 3.1L/min 3.7L/min 7.4L/min 11L/min 3.7L/min
Power 22kw/30HP 30kw/40HP 60kw/80HP 75kw/100HP 37kw/50HP
Pressurization rate 24:1 20:1 20:1 20:1 20:1
Oil Pressure 0-150 bar 0-200 bar
Oil type 46#(15-40ºC)
 Hydraulic oil   46#(Environment 15-40ºC)
Power Supply 220/380/415VAC 3 Phase

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