Waterjet Machine Flying Arm CNC Cutting Table (DWJ2040-FB)

Waterjet Machine Flying Arm CNC Cutting Table (DWJ2040-FB)

Model No.︰DWJ2040-FB

Brand Name︰Dardi

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1 pc

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Product Description

Waterjet Machine Flying arm CNC cutting table (DWJ2040-FB)

/ Fly arm, three sides of the table are open and easy to load and unload work-piece

/ the CNC machine body is aparted from table

/ The machine body is made of cast iron, and It's stable and holding mechanical precision for long-time

                                 DWJ20 Series Flying-arm CNC cutting table
 Model  2020  2030  2040  2060  2080
 Table size  X-axis  2100mm  2100mm  2100mm  2100mm  2100mm
 Y -axis  2100mm  3100mm  4100mm  6100mm  8100mm
Cutting Travel  X -axis  2000mm  2000mm  2000mm  2000mm  2000mm
 Y -axis  2000mm  3000mm  4000mm  6000mm  8000mm
 Z -axis 150mm/ 210mm/310mm
 Drive Motor A:Chinese New Step Motor
 B: ACservo (YASKAWA)
 NC controller HUAXIN320W;FAGOR
Cutting Accuracy  ±0.1mm
Repeatability Accuracy  ±0.025mm
 Fast positioning speed  A:5000mm/min           B:15000mm/min
Power supply  220/380/415 VAC,50/60Hz

Payment Terms︰ T/T west union

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